Information and Frequently Asked Questions about the RISC-V computer instruction set

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This site a guide to the world of RISC-V. As RISC-V is a work in progress, so is the site.

I hope an everage person who does not already know computer programming or how computers work can learn here what RISC-V is, what it can be used for, and how to get started with RISC-V.

The goal is to be an easy to understand guide that is self-contained and covers all topics at an easy level, with references to more detailed and technical reference material.

Quick Start / Casual Use

How can I quickly see what RISC-V code is generated from C code?

How can I quickly try RISC-V Linux?

General Information

What is RISC-V?

Why would I want to use RISC-V instead of another ISA?

RISC-V Hardware

What boards are available to buy?

I want to build a chip with RISC-V. What cores are available?

Operating Systems and other available Software

Extensive list of available software

Developing software for RISC-V

How can I build my own RISC-V toolchain?